Make money by referring car sellers.

This is the easiest way to monetize your car-for-sale leads.

You may be contacted by people looking to sell their car but you aren't able to assist them, or you may have customers that could use our service but you didn't know!

That’s where we come in!

Our Publisher Program helps businesses monetize these opportunities. By referring them through the Peddle network, you’ll earn a commission from each sale we successfully close.

  • Get set up with an account
  • Send us leads by phone, web, or API
  • Track the progress and performance of your leads
  • Get paid for every successful sale

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Sales & Business Development Manager

Hi! I'm Drew, Sales & Business Development Manager here at Peddle. Countless organizations rely on Peddle to monetize their unwanted inbound "sell car" leads. Sound like a no-brainer?

Reach out today to learn more!


Working with Peddle in their publisher program has been very rewarding. The platform they have in place allows us to see all the leads we're sending over as well as what our commission will be. It's been a win win so far and I expect that to continue going forward.

Todd Current Peddle Publisher